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Welcome to Linda’s Drapery & Interiors. We want to help you make the most of your home environment, from the floor to the ceiling. The décor of your home surrounds you every day, so why not feel a calming sense of peace when you come home?

What Problems Do We Solve? Have You Ever Said to Yourself . . .

  • I am stumped! I want some new colors and a fresh look in my home, but I do not know where to start. I am overwhelmed by the thousands of color chips in the paint store.
  • My windows are bare. The room looks good, but I need something beautiful on the windows to finish the look.
  • The curtains I bought from the big retail store look so average. They are not quite the right color and they do not really give my room the look or feel I had wanted.
  • I loved the color I chose from the paint chip, but it looks different on my walls. I do not really like the way it looks. I feel like I am stuck! Is there anything I can do now?
  • My closet is a disaster. There just does not seem to be enough space for everything and it looks like a jungle in there! Do you have any suggestions?
  • My pantry is overflowing. I have to dig to find what I need when I am cooking and that just takes the fun out of it. Can you help me get things organized in there?
  • We paid a lot for this house. I want to feel proud when friends come to visit, but I do not know how to make my house say, “Wow”!
  • We just built a new contemporary home. My old accessories just do not seem to fit. I’m not sure how to achieve the up-to-date look that I desire.

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